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3D Laser Scanning

By using the latest Long Range Riegl and Short Range Faro scanners, we can undertake all types of laser scanning project throughout the UK. Whether you need Internal Floor plans, Elevations, Topographical Surveys, Ground modelling of Quarries/Land Fill Site, Heritage Modelling or Rail Infrastructure Survey we have the solution for you. You might also want a Point Cloud to use with your BIM model.

What is a point cloud

A point cloud is the building blocks of all 3d scanned data. It is made up of millions of points of data each with a 3D value in space. Our scanners record all data with calibrated HD cameras to enable colour pixel, which produce lifelike images. For certain applications Laser scanning is replacing traditional survey methods due to its fast data capture rates and superior accuracy.

I you have any further question in connection with Laser Scanning and how it can help your project, please feel free to call and we can discuss your requirements.